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Best Auto Transport is proudly serving its faithful customers ever since it made its presence on the transportation market. Whatever your transportation need, we are here to support you, advise you and help you cut the costs in the most efficient
manner. We help you get the best rates on the market, and we offer you a free, no-obligation quote. All you have to do is call now at 1-888-852-0795, and discuss your needs and wishes with one of our dedicated team members.

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Simple reasons that make us stand out from the line:
  • Door transportation: no need to wait for hours in faraway terminals anymore!
  • Coast to coast transportation: you name the location, we deliver in time!
  • We work only with experienced professionals in the field of car & motorcycle shipping
  • Our drivers are all bonded and insured: because we do not leave anything to chance.
  • High quality open and enclosed car haulers and special motorcycle trailers
  • Competitive prices: your available budget matters the most!

Classic & Collector Car Shipping

Classic and collector’s car cost a fortune. They are special cars with a huge value to anyone who owns them. If you are a passionate vintage and classic car collector and you like to travel throughout the country for the best auction scenes, it means that you need protection. Whether you are taking cars to the auction, or buying some beautiful vehicles from there, we can help you transport them safely to and/ or from the auction.

Our high end technology haulers are equipped with temperature controls, because we know how important it is to store and transport in perfect safety such an expensive car. Call us now to discuss your classic & collector car shipping needs: 1-888-852-0795.

Our company has quite a long experience in dealing with transportation to and from auction scenes nationwide. Sometimes, we are even available on-site, especially at the greatest auction events. Whether you buy or sell, our transportation company is there to help you with your transportation needs. We take your car from the auction and deliver it to your door safely.

We’ve got you covered, no matter what you need to do. Do not over complicate your situation by hiring extremely expensive individual transporters. Such transportations will cost you a fortune and most of the times they cannot offer you any guarantee tat your car will arrive safely to the destination.

Best Auto Transport = Safety, Reliability & High Professionalism

If you need quotes directly from the carriers, without any hidden fees, you can count on us for the best quotes right now.